Our Unique Approach

Why work with Secure Shield?

Secure Shield provides a diverse portfolio of services including; IT Security, Cloud Security, Security Risk Assessments, Incident Response Advisory, IT Audit and Compliance Support, Mobile Security, Virtual Chief Information Security Officer as a service (VCISOaaS), Vulnerability Assessment services, and much more. Secure Shield services clients across Canada and the US.

Our Mission

Our mission at Secure Shield is to fix the broken information security industry. Not only do we respond to incidents, but we also solve as many weaknesses as we can in your security environment. Being with organizations before, during, and after a breach is the only way we can truly improve their security and protect the sensitive information entrusted to them.

Our Style

Our approach isn’t “cookie cutter.” We recognize that each organization is different, and every security program is at a different stage of maturity. We get to know your security program intimately, use an information security risk assessment to inform the vCISO team what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then apply industry best practices to provide next steps that’ll help you make improvements.

Our Focus

Information security is all we do. We don’t do IT, sell hardware, or provide telco services. We only do security. Because of this, our virtual CISO team can provide unbiased recommendations that will actually make a dramatic impact to the way you do security. Our vCISO team works hard to be a partner—collaborating with and educating your team every step of the way.

Lyle Melnychuk, CEO, vCISO

Our Core Values and Principles

Information security is not as one-size-fits-all as others would lead you to believe. Secure Shield works hard to assess your most significant vulnerabilities (information security assessment), put a plan together for managing those risks (information security roadmap), and helps you execute that plan (information security program development).

We apply industry standards to assess existing information security programs (administrative, physical, and technical security controls), and we develop, implement, and manage information security programs tailored to each client’s specific security need

  • We tell the truth
  • We are collaborative
  • We are supportive and driven to serve
  • we do whatever it takes
  • Information security is a business issue
  • Information security should drive business.
  • Information security is not “one size fits all”
  • People are the biggest risk
  • “Compliant” and “Secure” are different
  • There is no common sense in information security
  • There is no “easy button”
Lyle Melnychuk, CEO of Secure IT Systems

“I chose Secure Shield as a trusted advisor and solution provider for our Cyber Security and Compliance initiatives. At a time when our firm was engaging in a planned office move, hardware upgrades, and requiring us to work from home, we engaged Secure Shield to evaluate our security and compliance posture, the engagement was smooth and efficient. Secure Shield’s reputation is well deserved, and I recommend them to any organization seeking help with their security plan.”

about the Secure Shield Insignia

Reflecting a Strong and Modern Infosec Industry

We were founded with the ambitious goal of fixing the broken information security industry, sometimes butting heads with norms. Our symbol, the shield, is an homage to our founding and original branding, and shields are widely synonymous with security and protection.  Our colors take a unique stand while remaining welcoming—a direct reflection of how we approach business.

This symbol represents what Secure Shield strives to do for businesses—Consult your organization to make good information risk decisions,  and implement those decisions to the best of our abilities.

how we serve

Providing Security Solutions that Make a Measurable Difference

Our team of experts is constantly developing solutions and training to assist clients in improving the measurable fundamentals of their information security programs. These fundamentals are lacking in our industry, and while progress is being made, we can’t do it alone. Whether you’re wondering where to start, or looking for a team of experts to collaborate with you, we are ready to serve.