Cyberthreats are growing and can pose a significant threat to your business.

65% of small and medium sized businesses and enterprises have experienced a cyberattack in the last year. Regulatory demands and cyber insurance requirements have never been more stringent. In today’s climate, strategic cybersecurity guidance is a necessity, not a luxury. You need someone who can assess risks and vulnerabilities, create and execute a comprehensive cybersecurity plan, ensure compliance and safeguard business continuity.

What is a Virtual CISO

Top-tier security experts to guide your security program

An Secure Shield vCISO engagement is designed to meet security programs where they’re at. We start by going through an onboarding assessment to get an understanding of the maturity of your program. With that, we can provide initial remediation recommendations to address glaring concerns and prepare you for a more extensive risk assessment. Ultimately, your vCISO engages in a constant cycle of assessing and remediating—allowing you to meet your security goals.

Risk Assessments

Through a series of questionnaires and scans that we perform on your environment, we create a full assessment of your current risk level and cyber posture, compared to industry benchmarks. That also includes gap analysis of vulnerabilities and exploits.

Compliance Readiness

We identify which regulatory standards your organization needs to meet, then perform a thorough compliance readiness assessment. We find the gaps, prepare a plan to close them and manage the plan’s execution together with you.

Tailored Security Policies

We create a tailor-made set of easy-to-follow, actionable policies, adjusted to your specific needs, your IT environment and tools, relevant regulatory requirements and industry benchmarks.

Incident Response Plans

We create strategic remediation plans with prioritized tasks. Each task is explained in a clear and intuitive way, making it easy to follow and implement. And each task includes impact and criticality rate.

How Our vCISO Service Works

Full Risk Assessment

With the help of your Secure Shield analyst, this assessment will determine administrative, physical, internal, and external technical risk so that targeted improvements can be made.


A roadmap will be created based on the findings from your full risk assessment, then we will begin by focusing on the highest impact security objectives to improve your security posture and business as a whole.

Day to Day vCISO Operations

Your vCISO will be your security expert to ensure your organization stays on target and will be there to assist with coaching, policies, asset management, or wherever else your in-house team requires additional support.

Our Unique Approach

Benefits of working with Secure IT Systems

Realize your security vision

Our vCISO services develop a roadmap, create plan of action, and implement changes. The end result: we help you bring your cybersecurity vision to reality.

The right policies

Our vCISO tools guide your organization through the creation of policies, strategic remediation plans and levels of protection tailored to your unique business and industry – ensuring you have the right controls in place to mitigate risk.

Maintain compliance

We conduct automated and continuous compliance readiness assessments, then create an actionable plan with a prioritized task list to achieve and maintain compliance, while tracking progress toward compliance goals.

Continuously manage cyber posture

Unlike one-time risk assessments that generate security posture and risk snapshots, our vCISO services continuously assess and update your real time security posture, risk level and compliance readiness.

Gain long-term visibility

We track and measure your security posture and risk level over time, identifying mission-critical trends and keeping you always in the know.


Virtual CISO FAQs

What is CISO as a service

CISO as a service is another name for virtual CISO consulting services. A provider like Secure Shield assigns organizations a proven and certified information security professional to help organizations protect sensitive information and achieve related business goals along the way.

What does a Virtual CISO do?

A virtual CISO is an assigned resource with experience building and improving information security programs. Starting with a risk assessment, a vCISO first gets an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s security program. Based on the results, the vCISO then works with executive leadership teams to understand goals, budget, and bandwidth—allowing them to provide actionable recommendations, or a roadmap, based on the business’s goals and the risk assessment’s findings. With the roadmap in place, they work with the organization’s internal security team to train staff and make the recommended improvements, improving the ability of the organization to protect its sensitive information and increase its operational efficiencies. Over time, they simply become a sounding board for the organization’s staff to bounce questions and challenges off of.

How much does a Virtual CISO cost?

Virtual CISO cost is based on several variables such as the size and complexity of your organization, the number of devices in your network, and estimated time spent working with you as a client. You should expect to spend $1500-$3000 or more per month based on these factors. This price includes annual assessments, road mapping, vulnerability scanning, consulting services, and access to portal software for tracking and communication purposes. Our typical virtual CISO cost less over time as our clients’ security programs go into “maintenance mode,” where the consistent building effort is no longer a factor.

What are the responsibilities of a vCISO

Secure Shield vCISO services are meant to be flexible in order to meet the needs of each of our clients. Engagements typically follow a cycle of assess, plan, and remediate.

Whether you need high-level guidance on a monthly or quarterly basis or need hands-on help several days per week, our vCISO’s will be able to build a solution for you.

Typical objectives of vCISO engagements include:

  • Information security leadership and guidance
  • Steering committee leadership or participation
  • Security compliance management
  • Security policy, process, and procedure development
  • Incident response planning
  • Security training and awareness
  • Board and executive leadership presentations
  • Security assessment
  • Internal audit
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Risk assessment
  • And much, much more.
What are the benefits of a vCISO

Lower Cost Over Time

Virtual CISO cost can be expensive depending on your business’s size and needs. But, most of the work is preliminary, so the involvement (and therefore what a virtual CISO costs) decreases over time.

Extensive Industry Knowledge and Skill

Does your “security” person wear a ton of hats in the organization? It’s not uncommon for companies to assign security roles as a secondary function of an employee’s primary role. Because of this, they’re often not true experts.

vCISOs, especially those at Secure Shield, are highly skilled and certified experts with years of information security experience. A virtual CISO is going to be able to enhance the internal capabilities of your employees tasked with handling security through the techniques they’ve learned.

Limited Turnover

Let’s face it, the security job market is as competitive as ever. We have to worry about employees leaving anyway, but that only adds to it. With an Secure Shield vCISO, you equip your team with the expertise, methodologies, and resources to avoid losing a step—either as you work to hire a new CISO, or if you want our team to occupy that role.

“Secure Shield has been there since day one to ensure that the technology we put in place today supports our operations tomorrow.”

Other Services

Our industry-specific expertise enables your business to streamline workflow and increase productivity. No matter the business, Secure Shield has you covered with IT services customized to your company’s specific needs.