Mission Before Money

Our mission to fix the broken industry comes first. The priority has and always will be helping people. Whether it’s training, resources, or threat intelligence we will do our best to provide free tools to improve how we protect people’s data. Feel free to download the templates below.

Incident Response Playbooks
  • Business Email Compromise Response
  • Compromised Credential Response
  • Lost or Stolen Laptop Response
  • Malware Incident Response
  • Ransomeware Response
  • Web Application Attack Response
Program Guides
  • Incident Response Plan Template
  • Incident Response Steps Checklist
  • Why Remove Local Admin Rights
  • Third Party Contracts Agreement Recommendations
  • Preparing for Key IT Staff Turnover
  • Preparing for PCI Compliance Audit
  • Incident Response Log Template
  • PCI Guide Flowchart
  • Ransomeware Prevention Assessment
  • Vendor Risk Management Classification Template
Policy Templates
  • Acceptable Use Policy Template
  • Appendix A: Definitions
  • Asset Management Policy Template
  • Audit Policy Template
  • Awareness Training and Personal Security Policy Template
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Template
  • Change Management Policy Template
  • Encryption Policy Template
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Policy Template
  • Incident Response Template
  • Information Classification and Management Policy Template
  • Information Security Policy Template
  • Network Management Policy Template
  • PCI Policy Template
  • Physical Security Policy Template
  • Remote Work Policy Template
  • System Development and Procurement Policy Template
  • Vendor Management Policy Template
  • Vulnerability Management Policy Template

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